Church of St. Mary of the Angels, Singapore

Location                        : 5 Bukit Batok East Ave 2, Singapore 659918
Architect                      : Woha Architect
Project Type               : Institutional
Status                             : Completed
Scale                                : <100,000m²

The Church of St Mary of the Angels, a religious and institutional complex, was designed in 1999 and completed in 2003. The project includes the Church, the St Anthony Friary, the Poor Clare Monastery and an extensive columbarium.

The scope of services encompassed the masterplan of the entire site, and included the renovation of the existing Friary and the retention of the existing Parish Centre. The design was derived from a simple concept – creating an outdoor space that would form a forecourt to all the various institutions, and enable community spirit to develop.

This diagram was developed through 3 architectural languages – white boxes with metal screens, concrete linking structures, and rough brown walls reminiscent of the Franciscan Friars’ robes. WOHA designed the architecture, interiors, landscape and lighting for the complex.

The design took its direction from the liturgical reforms of the Catholic Church and the particular focus of the Franciscan Friars to create a space for worship that is fresh and outward looking – first to the garden and surroundings, and then to the wider community.

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