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Gymnasium of New Campus of Tianjin University, China / Atelier Li Xinggang

Architect                                   : Atelier Li Xinggang

Design Team                           : Li Xinggang, Zhang Yinxuan, Yan Yu, Yi Lingjie, Liang Xu

Location                                    : Tianjin, China

Type                                           : Sports, Stadium

Area                                           : 18362 sqm

Material                                    : Concrete, Brick

Year                                           : 2015

The Gymnasium of New Campus of Tianjin University is located in the north of the front zone of the campus. The main buildings include an indoor sports center and a natatorium. 

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Learning Hub, Singapore / Heatherwick Studio

Architect                         : Heatherwick Studio

Client                              : Nanyang Technological University

Location                         : Singapore

Year                                 : 2011 to 2015

Size                                  : 14,000 sqm

Collaboration               : Bescon Consulting, CCW Associates, CPG Architects, Sara Fanelli, KPK Quantity Surveyors (Singapore) Pte Ltd, LKH Fire Engineering, Perfect Sense, TY Lin International

Heatherwick Studio won a competition to design a special building for Nanyang Technological University in Singapore with the brief to create a new kind of learning environment for the digital age. The university staff wanted the structure to promote new learning methods within tutorial rooms where students would work together with the tutor as facilitator. With digital technologies enabling students to learn anywhere other than universities, the old model of life-less classrooms off long daylight-less corridors seemed dead. 

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Bridge School, China / Li XiaoDong Atelier

Architect                          : Atelier Li XiaoDong
Location                           : Xiashi, Fujian Province, China
Client                                : Xiashi Village
Project Year                  : 2008
Area                                  : 240.0 sqm

The “Bridge School” bridges the two parts of the small village of Xiashi that lie on either side of a small creek that runs through the village. The structure is created by two steel trusses that span the creek with the space between them housing the functions of the school. Suspended from the structure and running below it is a pedestrian bridge for the people of the village to use. 

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Friendship Centre, Bangladesh / Kashef Mahboob Chowdhury / URBANA

Architect                   : Kashef Mahboob + URBANA

Location                    : Gaibandha, Bangladesh

Team                          : Anup Kumar Basak, Sharif Jahir Hossain, Motiur Rahman, Amrul Hasan

Area                           : 2897 sqm

Year                           : 2011

 The Friendship Centre is a training facility for a non-governmental organisation in the flatlands of rural, northern Bangladesh, near the Brahmaputra-Jamuna River. Friendship has done transformative work in the region and the people who are trained here live in the floodplains of the river, on land that floods almost annually, and on sandbars that are destroyed every time the river is in spate. 

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