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Beach House on ZhouShan Island, China / Evolution Design

Architect                                : Evolution Design
Location                                 : Zhejiang, Zhoushan, China
Area                                        : 265 sqm
Year                                         : 2017
Type                                         : Private Housing, Residential
Material                                 : Concrete, Steel, Glass

70% of the houses in a village sitting on one of the Zhoushan Islands are hollow, but the stone structures, with their building material sourced from the local area, are quite solid and integrally constructed.

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Lucky Drops, Japan / Atelier Tekuto

Architect                        : Atelier Tekuto
Location                         : Tokyo, Japan
Year                                   : 2015
Building use                  : Private House
Site area                          : 58.68 sqm
Building area                : 21.96 sqm
Total floor area            : 60.94 sqm
Material                          : Steel

The clients are a young couple who wished to purchase a piece of land and build a house within a limited budget. The site purchased that was within their budget was thus priced because of its very irregular shape. 

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The Water House, China / Li XiaoDong Atelier

Architect                        : Atelier Li XiaoDong
Location                          : Li Jiang, China
Project year                  : 2011

The water house is a private house, located at the foot of snow mountain Yulong in Lijiang. Sitting on a wide open sloping site, which has a panoramic view towards Lijiang, an ancient trading settlement whose old town is famous for its historic network of waterways and bridges. The site lies at the foot of Yulong mountain, its peaks forming a dramatic backdrop to Li’s architecture.

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