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The Mountain, Denmark / JDS + BIG Architects

Team                                : PLOT, JDS, BIG, Moe
Location                         : Copenhagen, Denmark
Architect                       : BIG Architects
Area                                 : 33,000 sqm
Year                                 : 2008
Project Architect    : Jakob Lange
Project Manager     : Jan Borgstrom
Engineering               : Moe & Brodsgaard
Construction            : DS Elcobyg A/S /PH Montage
Client                            : Høpfner A/S

The Mountain is the 2nd generation of the VM Houses - same client, same size, and same street. The program, however, is 2/3 parking and 1/3 living. What if the parking area became the foundation of the homes - like a concrete hillside covered by a thin layer of housing, cascading from the 1st to the 11th floor? 

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Beirut Terraces, Lebanon / Herzog & de Meuron

Architect                  : Herzog & de Meuron

Location                   : Beirut, Lebanon

Client                        : Benchmark Development SAL, Beirut, Lebanon

Status                       : Completed

The city of Beirut lies in the heart of the developing Middle East. Having always been a cosmopolitan city, it is a focal point of the region as a cultural and geographical link between Europe and the Middle East. The history of Beirut could hardly be more diverse; remains of Phoenician, Roman, Mamluk, Ottoman and Colonial rule have shaped the city and its buildings. The design of Beirut Terraces was quite literally influenced by the layers of the city’s rich and tumultuous history. 

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Nakagin Capsule Tower, JAPAN / Kisho Kurokawa Architect and Associates

The Nakagin Capsule Tower is the world's first capsule architecture built for actual use. Capsule architecture design, establishment of the capsule as room and insertion of the capsule into a mega-structure, expresses its contemporaneousness with other works of liberated architecture from the later 1960's, in particular England's Archigram Group, France's Paul Memon, and Yona Friedman. 

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MahaNakhon Tower, Thailand / Ole Sheeran


Architect                              : Ole Sheeran
Client                                      : Pace Development Co., Ltd
Location                                : Bangkok, Thailand
Site                                           :  Narathwas Ratchanakharin Road adjacent to Chongnonsi Sky Train Station
Status                                     : Commission 2008/2012; Completion 2017
Area                                        : 150,000 m2

Programs                             : Tower Residences 67,000 m2, Residential Amenities 4,400 m2, Hotel 16,600 m2, Hotel Amenities 11,600 m2, Retail 5,900 m2, Sky Bar 3,500 m2, MEP 5,200 m2, Parking 10,400 m2. Retail Cube: Retail 9,000 m2, MEP 1,000 m2, Parking 5,400 m2; Offsite Parking 8,300 m2

MahaNakhon is a new 77-storey high-rise complex located in Bangkok’s Central Business District, with a direct link to the Chongnonsi BTS Skytrain station.The development of more than 150,000 square meters will be comprised of a landscaped public plaza; a multi-level retail centre with restaurants, cafes,and

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Absolute Towers, Canada / MAD Architects

Location                                                 : Mississauga, Canada
Type                                                          : Residential
Time                                                         : 2006-2012
Tower A                                                  : 45,000sqm, 56stories/ height 170m
Tower B                                                  : 40,000sqm, 50stories/ height 150m

Architect                                               : Mad Architects

Design Team                                        : Shen Jun, Robert Groessinger, Florian Pucher, Yi Wenzhen, Hao Yi, Yao Mengyao, Zhao Fan, Liu Yuan, Zhao Wei, Li Kunjuan, Yu Kui, Max Lonnqvist, Eric Spencer

Associate Architect                         : BURKA Architects INC.
Structural Engineer                         : SIGMUND, SOUDACK & ASSOCIATES INC.
Mechanical Engineer                      : ECE Group
Electrical Engineer                           : ECE Group
Landscape Architect                       : NAK Design
Interior Designer                              : ESQAPE Design

Modernism has a famous motto: A house is a machine for living in. However, as we progress further away from the machine age, we are left with a question: what message should architecture convey? What is the house of today? 

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The Interlace, Singapore / OMA / OLE SCHEREEN

Architect                      :  OMA + OLE SCHEREEN
Location                        : Singapore
Client                              :  CapitalLand Residential Singapore
Year                                 : 2007 – 2013
Status                             : Completed
Program                       : Residential

Collaboration            :

  • Structure and Services : Squire Mesh
  • Structure and Services, Facade : Arup
  • Landscape : ICN Design International
The Interlace, one of the largest and most ambitious residential developments in Singapore, presents a radically new approach to contemporary living in a tropical environment. Instead of creating a cluster of isolated, vertical towers – the default typology of residential developments in Singapore – the design proposes an intricate network of living and social spaces integrated with the natural environment.

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