The Mountain, Denmark / JDS + BIG Architects

Team                                : PLOT, JDS, BIG, Moe
Location                         : Copenhagen, Denmark
Architect                       : BIG Architects
Area                                 : 33,000 sqm
Year                                 : 2008
Project Architect    : Jakob Lange
Project Manager     : Jan Borgstrom
Engineering               : Moe & Brodsgaard
Construction            : DS Elcobyg A/S /PH Montage
Client                            : Høpfner A/S

The Mountain is the 2nd generation of the VM Houses - same client, same size, and same street. The program, however, is 2/3 parking and 1/3 living. What if the parking area became the foundation of the homes - like a concrete hillside covered by a thin layer of housing, cascading from the 1st to the 11th floor? 

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Lucky Drops, Japan / Atelier Tekuto

Architect                        : Atelier Tekuto
Location                         : Tokyo, Japan
Year                                   : 2015
Building use                  : Private House
Site area                          : 58.68 sqm
Building area                : 21.96 sqm
Total floor area            : 60.94 sqm
Material                          : Steel

The clients are a young couple who wished to purchase a piece of land and build a house within a limited budget. The site purchased that was within their budget was thus priced because of its very irregular shape. 

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Beirut Terraces, Lebanon / Herzog & de Meuron

Architect                  : Herzog & de Meuron

Location                   : Beirut, Lebanon

Client                        : Benchmark Development SAL, Beirut, Lebanon

Status                       : Completed

The city of Beirut lies in the heart of the developing Middle East. Having always been a cosmopolitan city, it is a focal point of the region as a cultural and geographical link between Europe and the Middle East. The history of Beirut could hardly be more diverse; remains of Phoenician, Roman, Mamluk, Ottoman and Colonial rule have shaped the city and its buildings. The design of Beirut Terraces was quite literally influenced by the layers of the city’s rich and tumultuous history. 

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Tony Hunt Structure’s Notebook 2nd Edition


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The purpose of the Structures Notebook is to explain, in the simplest possible terms, about the structure of ‘things’, and to demonstrate the fact that everything you see and touch, live in and use, living and man-made, has a structure which is acted upon by natural forces and reacts to these forces according to its form and material. 
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Ningbo History Museum, China / Wang Shu / Amateur Architecture Studio

Architect                                 : Wang Shu / Amateur Architecture Studio

Location                                   : Ningbo, China

Client                                         : Ningbo History Museum

Status                                        : Completed

Year                                            : 2008

Area                                           : 30,000 sqm

The Ningbo Museum sits on a massive unpopulated plaza in Yinzhou, a district in the city of Ningbo with a 5,000-year history that looks like it was established last year. The streets that surround it are wide enough to accommodate six lanes of traffic, but are virtually car-free. The sidewalk is lined with skinny leafless trees, shrubs and disconnected tiles of brownish-yellow grass.

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Nakagin Capsule Tower, JAPAN / Kisho Kurokawa Architect and Associates

The Nakagin Capsule Tower is the world's first capsule architecture built for actual use. Capsule architecture design, establishment of the capsule as room and insertion of the capsule into a mega-structure, expresses its contemporaneousness with other works of liberated architecture from the later 1960's, in particular England's Archigram Group, France's Paul Memon, and Yona Friedman. 

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Hill of the Buddha, Japan / Tadao Ando

Architect                                     : Tadao Ando Associates

Statue of the Buddha          : 13.5m in height, 1,500t in weight.(The statue is made from stones that weighed 4,000 in total before they were worked.)

Visiting hours                           : 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.(April - October) , 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.(November - March)

Closed                                           : The year-end and New Year's holidays,maintainance days

*A 300-yen donation per person is requested for maintaining the lavender fields and facilities.

This Buddha statue is known as the symbol of Makomanai Takino Cemetery. The recently created Hill of the Buddha, with the Atama Daibutsu at the center for worship,was created by world-famous architect Tadao Ando. “How does a statue become a more solemn,attractive figure? ” Ando asked himself. His bold answer was to cover the statue with a hill of lavender. Surprisingly,one only sees the head of the statue surrounded by the landscape of the hill.

Atama Daibutsu(The Buddha’s Head)was named for its novel, impressive appearance.It stands in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape in all seasons. Thus has a new symbol of the cemetery been established.

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