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Gymnasium of New Campus of Tianjin University, China / Atelier Li Xinggang

Architect                                   : Atelier Li Xinggang

Design Team                           : Li Xinggang, Zhang Yinxuan, Yan Yu, Yi Lingjie, Liang Xu

Location                                    : Tianjin, China

Type                                           : Sports, Stadium

Area                                           : 18362 sqm

Material                                    : Concrete, Brick

Year                                           : 2015

The Gymnasium of New Campus of Tianjin University is located in the north of the front zone of the campus. The main buildings include an indoor sports center and a natatorium. 

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Seashore Library, China / Vector Architects

Architect                                   : Vector Architecs

Design Team                           : Zhiyong Liu, Hsi Chao Chen, Hsi Mei Hsieh

Location                                    : Bei Hai He, China

Type                                           : Library

Area                                           : 450 sqm

Material                                    : Concrete, Laminated Bamboo Slate, Glass Block

Year                                           : 2015

The library is located along the seashore of China Bohai Bay. The design key point is focused on exploring the co-existing relationship of the space boundary, the movement of human body, the shifting light ambience, the air ventilating through and the ocean view. The library faces the ocean to its east. During seasons of spring, summer and fall, it not only serves the community residents at west, but opens to the public as well. 

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Beach House on ZhouShan Island, China / Evolution Design

Architect                                : Evolution Design
Location                                 : Zhejiang, Zhoushan, China
Area                                        : 265 sqm
Year                                         : 2017
Type                                         : Private Housing, Residential
Material                                 : Concrete, Steel, Glass

70% of the houses in a village sitting on one of the Zhoushan Islands are hollow, but the stone structures, with their building material sourced from the local area, are quite solid and integrally constructed.

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Ningbo History Museum, China / Wang Shu / Amateur Architecture Studio

Architect                                 : Wang Shu / Amateur Architecture Studio

Location                                   : Ningbo, China

Client                                         : Ningbo History Museum

Status                                        : Completed

Year                                            : 2008

Area                                           : 30,000 sqm

The Ningbo Museum sits on a massive unpopulated plaza in Yinzhou, a district in the city of Ningbo with a 5,000-year history that looks like it was established last year. The streets that surround it are wide enough to accommodate six lanes of traffic, but are virtually car-free. The sidewalk is lined with skinny leafless trees, shrubs and disconnected tiles of brownish-yellow grass.

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