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Seashore Library, China / Vector Architects

Architect                                   : Vector Architecs

Design Team                           : Zhiyong Liu, Hsi Chao Chen, Hsi Mei Hsieh

Location                                    : Bei Hai He, China

Type                                           : Library

Area                                           : 450 sqm

Material                                    : Concrete, Laminated Bamboo Slate, Glass Block

Year                                           : 2015

The library is located along the seashore of China Bohai Bay. The design key point is focused on exploring the co-existing relationship of the space boundary, the movement of human body, the shifting light ambience, the air ventilating through and the ocean view. The library faces the ocean to its east. During seasons of spring, summer and fall, it not only serves the community residents at west, but opens to the public as well. 

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Hill of the Buddha, Japan / Tadao Ando

Architect                                     : Tadao Ando Associates

Statue of the Buddha          : 13.5m in height, 1,500t in weight.(The statue is made from stones that weighed 4,000 in total before they were worked.)

Visiting hours                           : 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.(April - October) , 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.(November - March)

Closed                                           : The year-end and New Year's holidays,maintainance days

*A 300-yen donation per person is requested for maintaining the lavender fields and facilities.

This Buddha statue is known as the symbol of Makomanai Takino Cemetery. The recently created Hill of the Buddha, with the Atama Daibutsu at the center for worship,was created by world-famous architect Tadao Ando. “How does a statue become a more solemn,attractive figure? ” Ando asked himself. His bold answer was to cover the statue with a hill of lavender. Surprisingly,one only sees the head of the statue surrounded by the landscape of the hill.

Atama Daibutsu(The Buddha’s Head)was named for its novel, impressive appearance.It stands in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape in all seasons. Thus has a new symbol of the cemetery been established.

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